Pack 190 - Mechanicsburg, PA

About Pack 190

Welcome to Pack 190!  We are chartered by the Upper Allen Kiwanis and have been a Cub Pack since 1980.  We fall under the overall organization of the Boy Scouts of America.  Within the Boy Scouts, there are various geographic Councils throughout the country.  We belong to the New Birth of Freedom Council.  The Council stretches from Hershey to Chambersburg.  Within each Council are different Districts.  Our District is the Pioneer District.  There are a handfull of other Districts in the Council.

Cub Scouts are for boys from kindergarten through fifth grade.  Here are the various levels of Cub Scouts and the present Den Leaders within Pack 190.

Boys in the spring of their Kindergarten Year can join a Pack and participate in Spring and Summer Activities and Camping...

For 2017-2018 Scout Year

Kindergarten Grade -  Lion Coordinator - Edward Rynex (329-5730)

First Grade - Tigers - Jason Kichline

Second Grade - Wolves - Mike Royer 

Third Grade - Bears - Mark Martin (649-3688)

Fourth Grade - Webelos - Christina Knighten (480-0549)

Fifth Grade - Arrow of Light - Bob Wertz (691-4158)

When the boys are in fifth grade, they have the opportunity in the spring of that year to "bridge" into Boy Scouts.  At that point, they become members of a Boy Scout Troop 190.

There is a Pack Committee comprised of various parent volunteers that oversee the running of the Pack.  The Committee meets once a month to discuss the upcoming meetings, activities and schedule for the Pack.  The Committee Chairman and the Cubmaster are the leaders of the Pack.  There are various other parent volunteers that help organize and run various events throughout the year.

Each Den (or group of boys the same age or are in the same grade level) meets independently of all of the other dens.  The Den meetings are structured for the boys to work on advancements, crafts, service projects or other topics.  For each level of Cub Scouts (Tiger, Wolf, Bear, etc.), there are certain requirements the boys must complete in order to earn the badge associated with that rank.  All boys move up to the next Rank June 1st of each year based on the grade they will be entering in the fall.

Once a month, all of the Cubs meet together at a Pack Meeting.  Our Pack Meetings are held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ  on Williams Grove Road (just beyond the Mechanicsburg High School see Maps and Directions section of the site).  At this meeting, the boys receive recognition for all of the work they have done over the past month.  There is also a program centered on some activity of interest to the boys.

If you have any questions or need more information, please give us a call.

Membership Chair - Jason Bowes 717-433-6738